Microsoft watching what Valve does with Steam OS


So probably we all know about Steam OS at this point because  all the tech blogs are buzzing about this and while the blogs are buzzing Microsoft just sits and wonders what will Steam make with their Steam OS.

Speaking with Eurogamer, corporate vice president Phil Harrison said Microsoft will keep a close eye on Valve as the Portal studio pushes into the living room with its new technology.

“The announcement was only made last night so I’m still studying all the facts Valve has released. But Valve is a very impressive company, and obviously we’re going to be watching what they do with great interest,” Harrison said.”

If Valve actually makes a turn around game and makes something that doesn’t exist yet, then by my expectation Valve has a huge chance of making something we yet didn’t see. If this something thing comes out, do you thing Microsoft will buy out valve or try to created Valve’s idea in to theirs.

Source : gamespot


One thought on “Microsoft watching what Valve does with Steam OS

  1. Reblogged this on The Creative Craft and commented:
    I think this is a great idea for people that just want to play their Steam games and not have to worry about the computer they play on. I think it’s about time that Valve did this.

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