Guess What ? PS4 Games Might Cost More Then $90, Xbox One Also Goes Higher


One United Kingdom retailer ShopTo had posted on their blog the prices of some video games for the PS4 that will cost 55 to 60 pounds, which roughly equates to $90 to $95.

Here is the whole list of the prices;

Dual Shock 4  SRP £54.99
Camera – SRP £54.99
Knack –  SRP £54.99
DriveClub  SRP £59.99
Killzone –  SRP £59.99
PS4 Stand  SRP £15.99
Charging Unit  – SRP £24.99
But not only the Ps4 decided to jump their prices higher but also the Xbox One Prices had jumped to a higher price as well, for example  Xbox One exclusive titles Forza 5 and Titanfall at 50 pounds, or roughly $80. The Xbox One controller is listed at 45 pounds, or roughly $72.
Did the video games industry went nuts or is it just me? what you think guys, will you guy those consoles if those prices actually be true

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