Can’t Fix GTA 5 Online ? well We Got A Fix For You.


For the couple of days now people all over the world can’t save there GTA 5 game because of the Issues Rocksar having. Of course Rockstar is trying its best to fix it, but until they fix it might take some time and no one likes waiting. So we got few fixes for you.


Delete you update from the xbox home menu or on the PS3 Cross-media- bar, and replace the game.

  • On PS3: Navigate to “Game Data Utility” from the game menu. Select “Grand Theft Auto V” (not ”Grand Theft Auto V Install”). Press Triangle and select “Delete.”
  • On Xbox 360: Select “Settings” from the Home menu. Select “Storage” and then “Hard Drive.” Press Y and select “Delete System Cache.” This will delete the game update, but bear in mind it will also delete updates for other games.

This will force the update to re-download.

Select “Swap Character” from the Online tab within the single-player pause menu.

Fix 3

Try to download again.


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