Xbox One Dev: GDDR5 Is Uncomfortable To Work With, ESRAM Provides High Bandwidth At Low Power


For a while now we hear about Microsoft making a higher CPU for the Xbox one and apparently its not so comfortable. According to Nick Baker, the person who looks after the Xbox One’s architecture team thinks that GDDR5 is uncomfortable to work with and ESRAM gives the Xbox One the right balance for bandwidth and power consumption.

In an interview with EuroGamer, he said ;

“In terms of getting the best possible combination of performance, memory size, power, the GDDR5 takes you into a little bit of an uncomfortable place. Having ESRAM costs very little power and has the opportunity to give you very high bandwidth. You can reduce the bandwidth on external memory – that saves a lot of power consumption as well and the commodity memory is cheaper as well so you can afford more. That’s really a driving force behind that. You’re right, if you want a high memory capacity, relatively low power and a lot of bandwidth there are not too many ways of solving that.”

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