Major Nelson On Xbox One: RROD Issues, Warranty And 4K Gaming


Did any of you ever had a red ring of dead on your Xbox 360 ? if not then you were the lucky one because in the beginning of the 360 life  ton of people got it,  and so now many players  wonder “what kind of warranty can they expect if the Xbox One gets struck by a similar issue.”

Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson convinced  that players can expect higher levels of reliability from the Xbox One and they will receive the standard consumer electronics warranty for their Xbox One.

Larry commented in an interview with Newegg Arcade ;

“Well certainly with the Xbox 360, we had some challenges at the launch. Once we identified that we took control of it. We wanted to do it right by our customers. Our customers are very important to us. With the Xbox One it is standard consumer electronics warranty. We are really excited about the reliability that folks will get out of the Xbox One. We had a lot of learning coming out of the Xbox 360 and we have put it in Xbox One. It has been in development for many, many years.”

In the interview Hryb also confirmed that the Xbox 360 will be able to support 4k resolution for gaming as well as entertainment.

Major also added ;

  “Ye! We are really excited about that too. I am sure your audience knows that 4K is the next big thing. Xbox One is a home entertainment system that is built for future. It supports 4K gaming and entertainment. In fact we are shipping an HDMI cable that is 4K rated. So when you get your HDMI cable out of the box it is 4K rated. We are looking forward to bringing 4K capabilities to our consumers in the future, but it depends on the developers.”

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