New Batman: Arkham Origins Details and Features Revealed, Including 29 Screenshots


Today during the Nvidia conference in Montreal, Dualshockers had an inside look at Batman: Arkham Origins features and details.

Here are some information we got for the game.

  • The city is about twice the size of Arkham City. Gotham City is made by two major parts (Nrth Gotham, and South Gotham) connected by Gothan Pioneers Bridge.There are also other environments.
  • You can call the BatWing to automatically transfer to the Batcave, as well as fast travel across the map.
  • The developers wanted to recreate “The” Batcave as the ultimate mancave. You can interact with it, speak to Alfred (the conversation system with him is advanced: he’ll share knowledge, insight and ideas with you dynamically during the game. The initial relation with him will be tense), use the workbench to collect gadgets, and find Easter Eggs.

  • The Batcave has a training gym. It’s made to showcase the combat system for players who didn’t fully appreciate its depth in previous Batman games. Its purpose is to make you master the combat system before the game ends, to give you the “empowering experience” of being Batman. It also lets you compete in challenges and rewards you with XP to upgrade Batman.
  • Cops are enemies alongside with thugs. The police still considers Batman an enemy of the city at this point of the Batman canon. He also has to break into the Police Department and steal information when he needs it.
  • The SWAT division actually strikes a deal with Black Mask to try and get the bounty on Batman’s head and retire.
  • The game will see the evolution of the relationship between Batman and Gordon from enemies to men that respect each other.
  • Fights will be ranked depending on performance (For instance A = Legendary Vigilante, B = Master Vigilante) and award varying experience.
  • Batman is very aggressive; the metaphor used is “When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”
  • Barbara Gordon plays an quite important role in the plot of the game.

Here are the screenshots of the game. ENJOY

Thanks, Dualshockers

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