Battlefield 4 campaign is about 4 hours long!


A Redditor, BoomerFTW has finished the game Battlefield 4  single player campaign in just about 4 hours on the difficulty normal. A photo is there as proof that the game is finished at the credits scene. However BoomerFTW thought the campaign was an improvement from the last battlefield game “Battlefield 3”. What he said on about the campaign of Battlefield 4:


“It had more cinematic moments and the options to choose how you get past a section kept it interesting. Also the character development reminded me of the bad company games (although there wasn’t as many funny lines of dialogue). The environments were various enough to keep it fresh and interesting and the points system made it worth taking the time to take out enemies. Overall worth the time, just short.”

Even though the campaign is short, Battlefield 4 contains an excellent multiplayer content, even if it is a full priced game.

the credits to battlefield 4

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