Tiger Woods Is Coming Back To Video Games


Few days ago we had reported that EA had discontinued the partnership with Tiger Woods  and had started developing its own golf game. We didn’t know what will happen to Tiger Woods and will he ever make new games. But now we  that Woods won another jackpot lottery in the gaming industry.  Woods agent Mark Steinberg has confirmed to ESPN that he’s already “in negotiations with another company regarding Woods’ video game rights”, adding: “We had an incredible run.

“Outside of [John] Madden, you would be hard pressed to find a sports figure that meant as much to a video game company as Tiger meant to EA. But times are changing and EA had to re-evaluate the partnership, and frankly so did we.”

We don’t know the company name or the next game name but we sure the game will be awesome, just one question will the game be available for the Next-Gen consoles ?

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