Gaming Media Defend Xbox One’s Higher Price, Lower Resolution


Apparent gaming media likes Microsoft idea of higher price and lower resolution for Xbox One. Before going into details and war with other media lets put together the puzzle together and see from where this all started. In the beginning Microsoft had told everyone that  Xbox One will be running 1080p and will be super cool and people agreed with the price even though it was $500 compared to the $400 PS4. Later rumors started breaking out saying that Call of Duty: Ghost running at 720p also later it was rumored that Battlefield 4 running at 720p on Xbox One of course we all thought it was a rumor so we didn’t pay attention until Mark Rubin confirms Call of Duty Ghosts is 720p on Xbox One and 1080p on PS4 ( battlefield running at 720p remains as a rumor.) And that’s where all the war had started, now people started thinking wait a second i am paying $500 for 720p when i could get 1080p on PS4 for only $400 ( it’s a $100 difference).  Many people started questing media about ” why should I get its $100 difference” and the media in response started protecting Xbox One  and saying “no Xbox One is all good, don’t worry about the resolution it will be the same or look the same, you won’t even notice the difference.” Earlier today we had  reported a tweet from Aaron Grenberg that is claiming that all Xbox One games will like 1080p, isn’t that an interesting twist in the media, now it seems like the media was right when they were defending the Xbox One. Now, my self i am not going to defend or say against the Xbox One, I will just say lets wait and see what happens on Nov 22.

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