Battlefield 4 Will Be $29.99 On Black Friday At Gamestop


Holiday season is right at our doors and when its the end of the year Black Friday knocks at our doors, with huge savings. This year we had some amazing games coming out and of course the next-gen consoles. We probably won’t see any savings for the next-gen consoles but we will surely see a huge discount for the current-gens. Gamestop had published their discount book for November. The book was  showing a discount for Xbox 360, which got priced at $199.99 and comes with 250GB, Tomb Raider, and arguably Xbox 360′s best game, Halo 4, in the book we also a discount for Battlefield 4. Right Battlefield 4 cost $60 but on Black Friday it will cost 29.99, half price discount. 

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