Microsoft: Plenty of Opportunities to Customize the Xbox One

Xbox One with the Kinect motions sensor and the controller is pictured during a press event unveiling Microsoft's new Xbox in Redmond

Few days ago we had reported that Xbox One will have few limitation when it came to the customizing the console. Now the head designer Carl Ledbetter noted that the company did take customizations into consideration when it began designing the final look of the Xbox One during an interview with Polygon this week.

“While I can’t talk about if there are going to be or if there are not going to be any limited- or special edition consoles… while we were designing it we did think about how the console could be customized, and it has plenty of opportunities to do it.”

Keep in mind that Microsoft yet didn’t confirmed that Xbox One will come in multiple colors or different versions. Ledbetter comments might hint to us that Xbox design team might be working on more designs and versions of for the Xbox One. Microsoft might be doing the same thing with Xbox One that they did with Xbox 360 when they launched the Slim and different specs and storage versions as well as later they started with the special editions. We believe that we might see the same thing happening with Xbox One just not at launch, maybe next year.

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4 thoughts on “Microsoft: Plenty of Opportunities to Customize the Xbox One

  1. I’ve said this from the beginning the glossy sections will be what’s customizable. Just picture when halo comes out a lasered print of the halo marine logo or titans fall cover art

    1. Enjoy whatever you choose. I’ll enjoy it for the next several years along with a Wii U for my Mario fix a few years down the line.

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