Current-Gen Consoles Call of Duty Ghost hacked


Call of Duty Ghost is not even out and it already manged be taken apart by hackers, damn they fast. Many sources including  NeoGAF had reported that hackers managed to play around with aimbots, speed boosts and XP mods. A YouTube user “MinnesotaBurns” somehow managed to get an early copy of the game where he had a chance to talk to one of the hackers in a Ghosts chatroom. Looks like the hackers also have a copy of the game, earlier than the official launch. To people who wonder how hackers managed to hack the game let me explain to you: Hackers got the copy of the game, installed into hacked consoles and created multiplayer lobbies with various cheats in effect. Few screenshots are available on  NeoGAF be sure to check them out. Here is the video of the hacked gameplay.

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