Xbox One performance Could Boost If System Resources Are Freed


Call of Duty Ghost producer Mark Rubin, believes that Xbox One preference could be boosted higher only if certain system resources are freed-up for developers, Rubin told Edge.

“It’s not just hardware physically, the amount of resources that each system is allowing the game developers to use isn’t the same,” Rubin explained while addressing the reasons why the Xbox One version of Ghosts runs at 720p and PS4 at 1080p.

“So from our standpoint that’s something that could change, y’know? We might get more resources back at one point. And that could make things change dramatically for the Xbox One, for instance. It’s a long complicated road that will take years to develop, and I think at the end we’ll have games looking very similar, usually, on both systems.”

Their were few rumors flooding around saying that 10 per cent of the Xbox One’s resources are reserved for Kinect. Rubin also notes that the development of Call Of Duty Ghost feels PS4 better right now than the Xbox One.

“It also just might be the path we took, you know? This is the first game on the console and there’s a lot for us to learn with the new hardware so it’s a long-running process,” said Rubin. He noted : “There’s so much to it, it’s a balancing act when you get into optimisation – we need more time with it all, basically. It could be years from now until we get to the point where we feel like we’ve maxed out what we can do on both platforms.”

It seems like Microsoft doesn’t want to put too much pressure on its next-gen console, Xbox One, but if they wanted to they could’ve improved the performance.

“It’s also not just us learning the systems better, it’s Microsoft developing more from the systems as well so if it improves the SDKs on their side we could see improvements, or if they could patch their software then all of a sudden we could get a performance boost out of that,” Rubin explained. “It’s a very complex ecosystem.”

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