Phil Spencer: Xbox One Will Seem “Relevant Three, Four, Five Years From Now as it Did on Day One”

Xbox One Wallpaper

Phil Spencer, Microsoft Game studios representative sees the Xbox One as a total new way of our thoughts about game consoles.  According to Spencer Xbox One is has great technologies impacting on the gaming market, and this doesn’t scare him. He Also believes that thanks to the computing power and the ability to connect to the internet, Xbox One is the right console, he told  Polygon in an interview.

When I think about having a strong CPU and GPU plugged in to your TV that’s also plugged in to the internet, that allows me to play great games, I think what you’re going to find is that that platform is a great place for those new innovations to build from.

Xbox One is capable of doing so much. We stay invested in continuing to build out new technologies as they come on line into the Xbox One, so this box seems as relevant three, four, five years from now as it did on day one. There are going to be a lot of great technologies that come along in the next decade. You’re going to find that a game console is a great place to build from, because it has such strong computing capabilities right there in the family room.

Source: Polygon

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