Gamers will be able to stream media on Xbox One straight from SkyDrive


Gamers who plan to pre-load their Xbox One with music, videos and photos will not need to plug a flash drive into the console or even connect the console to their windows PC, Xbox One will allow games to sync media right from SkyDrive. Microsoft had not confirmed this feature but  Engadget noted that the Xbox One could pull media from the could in its roundup of “especially neat things the Xbox One can do.”

“And yes, that also includes videos: Penello jumped into his SkyDrive account — which featured images of the A-Team van replica he’s building, as well as a ’68 GTO he’s working on — to show off Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb’s Xbox One unboxing video. “This was the original HD video of Larry’s Xbox One unboxing that I have on SkyDrive. This is not local on the box; this is being transcoded by SkyDrive and brought down to the box,” Penello said as he guided us through the demo.”

Engadget had also confirmed that gamers will be able to plug almost anything into HDMI pass through port, so players will enjoy the connection of all of their devices with out leaving the Xbox One.

Thanks, Engadget

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