A giant Xbox One just appeared downtown Montreal


Apparently one hotel is not enough for Microsoft for spreading the word about Xbox One. Microsoft had put a huge 40 foot Xbox One  near Ste-Catherine avenue downtown Montréal. This giant had appeared also in Vancouver few days back. It seems like Microsoft is all hyper with the launch of its latest and maybe greatest console, which will be available to all of us November 22  or in 2 weeks. Vancouver invites players to approach their gamertag to enter through the promotion # XboxOneSource . If you are in Montreal, you can enter your gamertag from the menu of the Xbox 360 or on the Internet http://www.xbox.ca / onesource site. By submitting identifying player , their ” gametag ” fans can unlock unique experiences and rewards, such as the Apocalypse zombie inspired by Dead Rising 3 held in Vancouver. Identifying each subject will contribute to unlocking these experiences.

” Xbox One been the biggest launch in the history of Xbox, says Craig Flannagan , Director of Marketing , Xbox, Microsoft Canada. We have gathered the best exclusive games , there was the ultimate in multiplayer experience and service as well as outstanding entertainment to celebrate this launch with the community the most dedicated in the industry. ”

“We take advantage of the enthusiasm generated in Vancouver by developing our second information desk said Mario Coculuzzi , Director, Eastern Canada , Microsoft Canada. We continue to celebrate the launch of an unprecedented way with our fans by offering them the opportunity to unlock incredible experiences . “

Thanks, game-focus , we had translated everything.

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