Kinect 2.0 Technology Is Amazing but Not Perfect

screen shot 2013-05-21 at 1.07.31 pm

Since the day we heard about the Kinect 2.0, we knew that it will be a new generation of connecting with people and playing games together or alone. The previous Kinect was just the beginning of the revolution in gaming  console. The Kinect 2.0 is not perfect and it might take few years more before it will be better but as of now its amazing. Microsoft manged to learn the new technology pretty quickly and manged to make it easy for us to use it. The best improvement in Kinect is probably the voice commands, Microsoft had improved by a huge quantity, in fact we now see an improvement in the Kinect  by up to 88 per cent, if you managed to learn the technology it might seem to you that the Kinect has been improved by 100 per cent. Not all might consider a 100 per cent improvement but most of us could be sure that it’s a 80 – 85 per cent improved.

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