One Of Naughty Dog Founders Says : “Two Years Ago Microsoft Was Going to Win this Generation. That’s Not The Case Now”


Few years back Naughty Dog Co-Founder and former Studio President Jason Rubin ( who left the company in 2004 ) was sure that Microsoft had a chance to keep up the reputation of the Xbox and keep it as the number one console, but his not sure anymore, in fact he believes that Sony has a bigger chance now then Microsoft, in an interview with GameTrailers he said;

Having worked at Sony and having seen how Sony is, […] we have to give them an incredible amount of credit for this launch. Inside the industry, quietly, hush-hush, two years ago Microsoft was going to win this generation. And that’s not the case now.

They have been very very smart, very very adept at changing their policies to fit what gamers wanted, and they’ve created an incredible hardware.

The creator of that hardware, Mark Cerny, who I know extremely well, could have not done this in the PS3 era, because Ken Kutaragi was there and the entire company had a very different way of looking at things.

I actually know better than most people the history of internal hardware production at Sony, because I went through this with Mark from Crash watching how hardware has gone.

The change from the Kutaragi model to, i will call it, the Cerny model is far larger than anyone realizes. It is looking at the market and adapting to the market, rather than creating the ultimate graphics hardware from a technical standpoint and assuming the market will come.

We yet don’t know which company will be crowned as the best gaming console, but we hope it will be Xbox One. Until the official launch of Xbox one we can’t say who is the best. Stay tuned for more about this report.

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