No Support for 1080i on Xbox One


After Moonlightswami received his Xbox One by mistake from Target, he had leaked to us almost all the details you would want to know about the Xbox One, from graphics to prices to markets you could literally know anything about the Xbox One. One thing we had learned which totally sucks is that the Xbox One doesn’t support 1080i, for those who don’t know what i am talking about i could only say that if your TV isn’t full HD but just the old “HD Ready,” you won’t be able to set it manually, unless you get the patch after the official release of the console. Here is the full list we found about graphics and sounds on Xbox One.


  • Resolution: 1080p or 720p
  • HDMI or DVI
  • Color Depth: 24 30 or 36 Bits per pixel,
  • TV RGB limited or PC RGB full


  • HDMI: Stereo uncompressed, 5.1 uncompressed, 7.1 uncompressed, DTS digital surround
  • Optical: Stereo uncompressed, DTS Digital surround.

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