Apparently Shuhei Yoshida “Really Happy” about Microsoft being their competitor


Sony entertainment worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida is excited when he talks about their competitor Microsoft. Today in fact Yoshida went openly and said  that in to the public while being interviewed by Giant Bomb. When he was asked about Microsoft’s recent move of offering indie developers a free Unity license, he responded:

That’s a great example on how competition is great and important. If there was only one company, that company could decide the pace and priority of things.

But if there are two similar projects and two companies competing, that’s, I think, the best situation for both consumer getting really the best out of these two groups, but also, it creates stories.

You know, exactly like you asked, “Microsoft did this!” and then there’s a reaction. So that creates a new story and that competition makes what’s happening in the game industry more interesting to the general public and I think that’s really helpful.

So I’m really happy that we have strong and great competition with Microsoft and I appreciate them. They’re really smart speople and very resourceful, so that always keeps us on our toes and looking at ourselves, if we’re doing enough.

It seems like Yoshida likes the idea of competing with Microsoft in the gaming industry.


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