Xbox must maintain ‘challenger mentality,’ says Xbox UK marketing director


Xbox One surely has pressure on its shoulders right now, many cases but the main one probably is the change from 1080p to 720p when it came to Ghost, anyway, UK Xbox marketing director Harvey Eagle believes that Xbox One should continue competing with PS4 and he also told MCV that Xbox One in a “good spot.”

“We unveiled Xbox back in May and it has been an interesting journey for us, I don’t think that will be a surprise for me to say,” said Eagle.

“Where we are now, a few days from launch, is in a good spot. There’s great demand for the console out there and we are wholly focused on launch and excited by that.

“There have been challenges along the way and I think we have done our best to respond to those challenges in what we think has been in the right way for our fans. And we think we have a great launch line-up of games.”

Eagle is motivated to keep Xbox One as a strong challenger in the industry and surely doesn’t want to let the Xbox One loss its reputation and let the look bad in front of younger brother Xbox 360.

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