Xbox One Still Has Problems, So Its Not Perfect


Did you ever seen something with no problems and perfect ? I bet no one did because there is no such thing as perfection in the tech world or in the real world, we all have problems so don’t say everything is good. Now like the title said ” Xbox one Still Has Problems,” some people might think Xbox One perfect right now but I bet I can change your mind right now, with the list of issues we got with Microsoft next-gen console, Xbox One.

First Problem – Its Sold Out, Kinda

Most retailers said that they had sold out Xbox One and don’t have in stock no more but we found one place where you still can get your hands on Xbox One Day One edition. Check out the article here.

Second Problems – No Iplayer at Launch

UK won’t get BBC iplayer at launch as well as many other features that US users will have like Xbox One will be able to be used to control your TV and offer electronic programme guide that will show you what’s on each channel.

Third Problem – No External hard drive at launch

We won’t be able to use an external hard driver at launch which means you better not get a lot of games since some games weight 40GB which means you will run out of space quickly.

Fourth Problem – not all games run 1080p

Ok, this was the biggest disappointment to all the people who plan to play games at 1080p, one of the games that was announced to run at 720p was COD – Ghost which is a huge problem with people, they all wanted the game in 1080p like PS4 gamers.

Fifth problem ( last but not list ) – PS4 might be a bit more powerful

I am sad to admit but PS4 surely has more advantages than Xbox one, firstly the price is one hundred lower  which is a big plus to the PS4, secondly the size, PS4 is much smaller than Xbox One and uses much less energy than Xbox One, thirdly PS4 has a beefier GPU, and faster RAM.

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