Microsoft hiring studios.

Lately Microsoft has been hiring quite frequently. The newly made studio is Microsoft Studios: European Publishing, which they are looking for right now a “Creative Director”, an “Acquisition Producer” and a “Development Director”.
The description and purpose of the three jobs…
“We are looking for a dynamic and seasoned Creative Director to guide externally developed products towards design excellence. With an emphasis on hit ‘Games as a Service’ experiences across all Microsoft platforms, this role will help guide teams through the creative process from inception to delivery, ensuring industry defining experiences are created to the highest levels of quality. You will champion Microsoft’s 1st Party vision for externally created product and ensure creative alignment across teams, partners and executive staff. The Creative Director will facilitate bringing the best creative frameworks and process to bare on delivering high-quality franchises that push the best entertainment experiences.”
“Microsoft Studios, European Publishing is a new group tasked with creatingplatform defining experiences through highly collaborative partnerships with external developers. While our focus is on European opportunities, our impact will be global with a special emphasis on exploring new business models based on the fundamentals of games as a service. By partnering with the most innovative European developers and delivering the best and most surprising game experiences, we will play a key role in transforming the way consumers engage with our platforms and gaming content.”
“- Develop a strategy to attract quality installs for our F2P games on our platforms.”
“- Drive delivery of AAA ‘games as a service’, by directing and managing project development with clear predictability and financial sustainability in partnership with external and internal stakeholders.”
This studio will mostly have to do with third party external partners, producing AAA games. In my opinion this is going to be quite the journey Microsoft will make great games for us.


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