A List Of challenges that will launch with the Xbox One, includes TV challenges


Here is a list of all challenges that will launch with the Xbox One, includes TV challenges, here is the list.


  • Madden – Complete a game of football during the two week period of launch – Reward – Calvin Johnson MUT Item
  • Fifa – Play 5 online Matches -Reward:  EAS FC Reward
  • NBA Live 14 – Win 12 head to head seasons games by Christmas – Reward:  Bronze premium pack
  • Skylanders – Defeat 25 Golems – No Reward
  • Just Dance – Earn 25 stars – Reward: 50 Mojo bonus
  • Need for Speed – Bank 5 million SP during a promotional period – No Reward
  • Xbox fitness – Complete three workouts during launch week – Reward: Loyalty card stamps
  • Zoo Tycoon – Release 50 Barbary lions into the wild to raise awareness – Reward: Barbary lion artwork
  • Lego Marvel Superheroes –  Collect 2 billion studs before 31st of December – No reward
  • Battlefield 4 – Play 100 rounds in any game mode in first 14 days of launch – No reward
  • Forza – Drive 100 miles before 12/31/13 – Reward: Badge and Title
  • Crimson Dragon – Collect 50 experience seeds reward- artwork 101
  • FXNow  – Watch 3 episodes form any original show – No reward (Possibly US or UK exclusive)
  • FXNow – Watch any episode or movie by jan 7th – No reward
  • Crackle – Watch every episode of the show featuring horseless caridges, cafes and whimsical laughter – No reward

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