Xbox And Bing Are Really Important says Microsoft CEO, But Not For Long


Not long ago we heard that future Microsoft CEO plans of trying to close Bing and sell Xbox off as soon as he gets his position as a CEO but current CEO, Steve Ballmer  says a total different story. Ballmer  says that they don’t plan to close Bing and sell Xbox, not yet but they have this in mind, they believe that doing this will be a wise move for the company selling off these businesses to become more profitable. In a talk with   Geek Wire and Seeking Alpha, Ballmer  said that the console’s integration of Bing and SkyDrive are examples of Microsoft executing on its plan to unify the company’s devices and services.

“No other company could have delivered what we are delivering with Xbox One,” Ballmer said. The console is a “reflection of what is possible when a company, our company, is unified under a common vision,” he added.

Ballmer  thinks that Microsoft will become much better without Xbox and Bing. In my opinion this could end badly for Microsoft if they do this move because Bing and Xbox have a huge market so doing this will be a stupid move.

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