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Microsoft listening to Xbox One user complaints


After hitting million sales Microsoft decides to listen to what people gotta say about the console and if their any complains that need to be fixed in the console, and it seems like Microsoft has lots of work to do on Xbox One.   Multiple threads have been showing up on Reddit over the weekend with fans raising theirs voices regarding console issues and demanding a change in the Xbox One interface. Not long ago Microsoft has taken over Xboxfeedback.com, a website dedicated to discussing changes that users would like to see implemented. Some of the biggest problems with the console were linked to functionality present in Xbox 360 but absent from Xbox One, such as the lack of online friend notifications, the inability to send voice messages or view recent players, and an overcomplicated party/game invite system.

Thanks, videogamer

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Microsoft Comments On Alleged Skype And Upload Bans


Yesterday multiple users on Reddit have reported that Microsoft had banned their accounts for “past behavior” making use of Skype and Upload Studio impossible. And gameinformer was interested in this issue so they contact Microsoft and here is what they got for a response.

“To be clear, the Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement team does not monitor direct peer-to-peer communications like Skype chats and calls,” a Microsoft representative told Game Informer via email. “Also, we take Code of Conduct moderation via Upload Studio very seriously. We want a clean, safe and fun environment for all users. Excessive profanity as well as other Code of Conduct violations will be enforced upon and result in suspension of some or all privileges on Xbox Live. We remain committed to preserving and promoting a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for all of our Xbox Live members.”

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Battlefield 4 Beta: “Visceral EA” Easter Egg Discovered

Look at that, a Reddit user had found a interesting easter egg related to “Visceral EA” in on-going Battlefield 4 beta. The “Visceral EA” was found “on the tower behind D on conquest large”.  Check out the image below.


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