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The Evil Within New Screenshots

Yesterday Bethesda released a couple of awesome screenshots for its upcoming game, The Evil Within. The Evil Within is expected to arrive  in 2014 and the best part, the game will be available to all platforms,PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 etc. Do you think this game will be scary ? leave your responses below.


Few Hot Thief screenshots and concept art show the game’s first mission Lockdown

Today Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal has released couple of screenshots for Thief, showing us screenshots and concept art taken from a mission at the beginning of the game called Lockdown. According to the level’s description: “Baron Northcrest has enforced a ruthless lockdown on the population of the City to control the uprising and quell the spread of a mysterious sickness that spreads through the streets, gripping people’s minds with crippling nightmares and terrible voices in their heads. Nobody feels safe from the sickness that the people on the streets call ‘The Gloom’.” Garrett is required to reach his hideout on the other side of the lockdown, but during the process of getting there, he overhears that some valuable items have been placed in a nearby jewelry store. And that’s why he chooses to stop by the store and steal some stuff.  Here are the screenshots, ENJOY.

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