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The Evil Within New Screenshots

Yesterday Bethesda released a couple of awesome screenshots for its upcoming game, The Evil Within. The Evil Within is expected to arrive  in 2014 and the best part, the game will be available to all platforms,PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 etc. Do you think this game will be scary ? leave your responses below.


Microsoft listening to Xbox One user complaints


After hitting million sales Microsoft decides to listen to what people gotta say about the console and if their any complains that need to be fixed in the console, and it seems like Microsoft has lots of work to do on Xbox One.   Multiple threads have been showing up on Reddit over the weekend with fans raising theirs voices regarding console issues and demanding a change in the Xbox One interface. Not long ago Microsoft has taken over Xboxfeedback.com, a website dedicated to discussing changes that users would like to see implemented. Some of the biggest problems with the console were linked to functionality present in Xbox 360 but absent from Xbox One, such as the lack of online friend notifications, the inability to send voice messages or view recent players, and an overcomplicated party/game invite system.

Thanks, videogamer

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Turtle Beach is Offering Xbox One Headset Upgrades, For Free


According to Turtle Beach website they are offering free Xbox One headsets upgrades meaning, buy Xbox 360 headsets right now and later upgrade to Xbox One headsets for free.  This is a limited time offer for Xbox One and 360, to be eligible for this offer you need to buy  XP400, XP510, XP SEVEN, or X42 headsets.. Offer  has been started on November 22, 2013 and will end on January 30, 2014. You will receive a free Xbox One audio adapter for your Turtle Beach headset that you had bought for your Xbox 360.

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Battlefield 4 game update now live on Xbox 360


DICE has pushed a new update for battlefield 4 for Xbox 360 today which is now live and ready to be downloaded. DICE has not yet posted the official patch notes, but the update — clocking in at about 260MB — includes a “few stability improvements and crash fixes, coupled with miscellaneous minor tweaks.”We had contact DICE in hopes of finding out what this update includes, stay tuned for updates about this.

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EA will continue making Xbox 360 and PS3 games for years to come


EA has announced an interesting announcement today, saying that they will continue developing games for current-gens ( Xbox 360, PS3 ) and not stop in few months but instead keep developing for years to come. This week at UBS Global Technology Conference EA CFO Blake Jorgensen explained that hat the company will support current-generation games for the foreseeable future.

 ”How do you do both last-generation and new generation at the same time? Doing a new generation set of titles is always going to be a challenge, but we’re also trying to produce [current-generation] titles and we’ll be producing [current-generation] titles for many years to come,” he said.

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New game releases of November 18-24


Xbox One is just 5 days away from us and we already see a huge list of games that are being pushed into the launch day or at least the launch week, and lets not forget the younger brother Xbox 360 which also getting some exiting games starting tomorrow.

Xbox 360

Xbox One

As you see Xbox One has a huge list of games that being pushed to the console starting tomorrow, of course 360 is not falling back with its list but still the One is the star right now.

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Games for Gold programme extended to Xbox One


Larry Hryb ‘Major Nelson’ has tweeted today a tweet that said that Xbox One gamers will receive free games monthly, just like Xbox 360 does and yes, you will need to haveXbox Live Gold membership. He said that this feature will arrive somewhere in 2014 ~ no exact date was given, he didn’t say how many games will be free, but we believe that its 2 games just like Xbox 360.

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