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Xbox One matches PS4 sales with 1 million in 24hrs, but needs 11 more countries to do it


Xbox One made over a million sales in just 24 hours, just like his competitor PS4, but when Microsoft announced this  they didn’t mention one thing, which was how many countries Xbox One was on sale. It took Xbox One 11 more countries than it did for PS4, Xbox One went on sale at 13 countries and PS4 went on only 2 , which now makes us wonder and ask, what would’ve happened if Xbox One went on sale on only 2 countries ? we could guess, it would’ve became a fallier since if to break the numbers and imagine Xbox One being on sale at only 2 countries than it  means Xbox One has sold less than 100,000 units in 24 hours.

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Pornhub Reveals Xbox One Support In An Interview


Ok we didn’t see that coming that soon. In an interview with noobfeed Corey Price was asked about Xbox One and pornography site running in the console, since not long ago pornhub had announced that they will be running on PS4, for which he answered yes, pornhub will run on Xbox One. Pornhub had to  rework their media to play through HTML5 players since PS4 has lack of flash. It seems that pornhub did work on their media since they are also capable of being run in Xbox One. To make it more official pornhub had tweet about this, which surely got attention of the fans and Xbox One owners.

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Marc Whitten: Xbox One’s Launch Graphics “Just the Beginning.”


In an interview with  BBC Marc Whitten, Xbox Corporate Vice President said that he believes  that the graphics of games like Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome are already amazing, but they’re just the beginning and the Xbox One will be able to show even more spectacular games in the future, this “future” part seems to be hinting us about a newer version of Xbox One.

I think there’s a couple of things: First, you know, I think a lot of the games are amazing. When you look at the play of light through the Forza windshield, the incredible graphics of a game like Ryse, I think for sure these are things that are just inherently not possible on the current generation of consoles.

But it’s also just the beginning, and you know, as we’ve seen with 360, you start with this toolbox, people build amazing things on day one, and then as time goes on, they get better and better at using those tools, we provide more capabilities in the system, and you just see better and better content come from there.

To me this is the beginning of an amazing journey.

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Microsoft to launch new version of Xbox One in 1Q14

Xbox One Wallpaper

Today the Xbox One was launched and many people were so happy to receive their new holiday gift ( of course if only you had pre-ordered the console, otherwise u would have to wait. ) According to Taiwan-based supply chain makers who confirmed to digitimes that they had started shipping a newer version of Xbox One which will be introduced to us in the first Q1 of 2014. Not long  ago Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One will  feature Internet Explorer, supporting both HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. We still don’t know the price of the upcoming  version but we expect it to be around $500. Well keep you informed about this, so sty tuned.  

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In a talk with obsession, Hugues Ouvrard, Marketing Director Xbox France ‘s has said that Xbox One is the most powerful console out there. According to the interview  “exclusive” sometimes is the thing that boost the sale of the console, especially since Xbox One has lots of exclusive content and the PS4 has only few, Xbox One surely first place in that   game. When asked if the PS4 more powerful Ouvrard answered:

PS4 is not more powerful. There is a confusion about the difference in the number of pixels, but the definition of certain defined by the publisher, not the console.Especially thanks to the power of cloud – we have installed 300,000 servers – the capabilities of the console are multiplied by four. So if you connect the console to the Internet, then the Xbox One is the most powerful.

As you see the quote says all, Microsoft says to everybody that Xbox One is the best console out there.

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BREAKING NEWS: xbox, outlook, windows, microsoft site, everything is down. (update )


We just had found out that  xbox, outlook, windows, microsoft site, everything is down. We don’t know what caused the error or what’s going but seems like xbox 360 was effect as well, which is strange, but it’s not new, hopefully Microsoft will update us about this issue . Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE:Everything is back online now.

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YouTube App Coming to Xbox One at Launch


Microsoft has announced today that Xbox One will be receiving the YouTube app at launch. Microsoft says that you will be able to stream videos at 1080p so you could enjoy their full glory.  Here are the features that will be coming to the app at lunch.

  • Voice – Control the app just by saying “YouTube” wherever you are in the app. Commands like play, pause and fast forward will instantly pop up on-screen.
  • Gesture – Grab the screen to scroll through videos and use your hand to pick which one you want to watch.
  • Subscriptions – Stay up-to-date with all of your favorite channels so you don’t miss a second of the action.

Also here is a screenshot of the app active in the Xbox One.


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